What to do prior to instillation


Refrain from sexual intercourse

Patients should be advised to avoid sexual intercourse within 24 hours prior to instillation to decrease the risk of urinary tract infection.

  • If the patient has a susceptibility to instillation related urinary tract infections, 3-day sexual abstinence and/or antibiotic prophylaxis should be considered.

Empty bladder

Patient should completely empty bladder before instillation.

  • Most patients do not have significant residual urine in their bladder after urination. However, since the UroDapter is not suitable to drain urine from the bladder, post-void residual urine should be checked prior to the first instillation (e.g., with ultrasound).

    In patients without significant post-void residual urine, drainage of urine prior to intravesical instillations is not necessary. Patients should be asked to go to the restroom and empty their bladder before instillations. The minimal amount of urine still in the bladder after urination will not cause any significant dilution of the instilled solution.

    In the minority of patients with a significant post-void residual urine intravesical instillations should be performed using a standard catheter.